Funology is filled with fun kids activities, games and recipes
Kids Science Experiments

Separate Layers

Can you layer different liquids? You can with some!

Coat Hanger Balance

You can weigh small objects with this simple scale.

Kids games

California Kickball

Surfboards optional in this left coast game.

Giant’s Treasure

Fee, Fi, Fo, Fum…grab that treasure and start to run!

Kids Jokes

Other Jokes

Check out some of our favorite tummy ticklers!

Thanksgiving Jokes

Gobble, gobble! Turkey day is fun for everyone.

Kids trivia and odd facts

Facts About World Records

World records for all kinds of odd things.

Facts About Christmas

Christmas fun for little elves.

Kids Arts and Crafts Project Ideas
Climbing Guy

Climbing Guy/Gal

Hold climbing contests with your friends after making this creative invention!

Crayon Eggs

A creative but tricky egg-coloring technique.

Children's Magic Tricks

I Know Your Number

You can pick your friend’s number from a hat!

Water Bet

Drink a glass of water without touching the hat covering the glass.

Fun and Easy Kids Recipes

Egg Supreme

Scrambled eggs from the microwave.

Witch Fingers

What a perfectly creepy Halloween treat!