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Kids Science Experiments
Make a jurassic park terrarium for your child's dinosaur toys

Jurassic Park Terrarium

An indoor habitat that your favorite dinosaur toy is sure to love.

Ice Igloo

Build a miniature igloo on your dinner plate.

Kids games

Treasure Hunt

Arrrrr you ready to go searching for treasure?

Marco Polo

Play tag in the swimming pool, but no peeking!

Kids Jokes


Riddle me this, riddle me that.

Halloween Jokes

Ghoulishly great Halloween fun.

Kids trivia and odd facts

Facts About Halloween

Ghoulishly great Halloween fun.

Facts About Outer Space

Amazing facts about our universe.

Kids Arts and Crafts Project Ideas

Puzzle Picture Frame

Piece all the parts together to create this puzzling frame!

The Mirror

This activity is the fairest one of all!

Children's Magic Tricks

Popping Straws

Make a loud popping noise with an ordinary drinking straw.

Mind Reading

You can read your friend’s mind and know the number he’s thinking!

Fun and Easy Kids Recipes

Dee-Licious Cake

Dee-lightful, dee-licious, dee-lectable..need we say more?

Sugar Baby Cake

Warning: Eating this cake before bed will keep you up all night!