Funology is filled with fun kids activities, games and recipes
Kids Science Experiments

Spikes on a String

You can make spikes that grow from a piece of string!

Raw or Cooked?

Find out if your egg is raw or cooked!

Kids games

LuLu, Where Are You?

Who can find LuLu first?

Capture The Flag

Find the other team’s flag and bring it home to win!!

Kids Jokes

Holiday Jokes

Jokes and riddles from your favorite holidays!

Halloween Jokes

Ghoulishly great Halloween fun.

Kids trivia and odd facts

Facts About People

People are strange. These facts are even stranger!

Facts About the Human Body

Who knew your body was so strange?

Kids Arts and Crafts Project Ideas
Advent Rings

Christmas Count Down

Paper chain advent calendar.

Make Your Own Calendar!

You’ll be sure not to forget Grandpa’s birthday this year!

Children's Magic Tricks

Betcha Can’t Get The Dime!

This is a simple trick but it will fool even your smartest friends!

Invisible String #31

Tie your friend’s hands together with invisible string!

Fun and Easy Kids Recipes

Salad Sandwich Boat

Go ahead and play with your food.

Marshmallow Pretzels

A little bit sweet, a little bit salty-just the right combination!