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Kids Science Experiments

Bouncing Jell-O

Watch the Jell-O bounce around in your soda.

Color a Flower

Color a Flower

Turn a white flower into a pink one, or a green one!

Kids games

Treasure Hunt

Arrrrr you ready to go searching for treasure?

What Time is it Mr. Wolf?

It’s lunchtime. Run!

Kids Jokes

Holiday Jokes

Jokes and riddles from your favorite holidays!

Outer Space Jokes

These jokes are out of this world.

Kids trivia and odd facts

Facts About Insects and Bugs

Amazing, creepy, crawly facts.

Facts About World Records

World records for all kinds of odd things.

Kids Arts and Crafts Project Ideas

Crocodile Magnets

It’s a snap!

Textured Tye-Dye Paper

All that’s missing from this activity are some dancing bears!

Children's Magic Tricks

The Amazing, Mending Envelope

This envelope can “heal” torn up pictures!

Turn “Wine” Into Water

Wow your friends by turning red liquid into clear liquid.

Fun and Easy Kids Recipes

Hot Apple Cider

Try this new twist on an old favorite.

Spider Brownies

What has 8 legs and tastes good? Spider brownies!