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Kids Science Experiments

Ringing Fork

What kind of sound does your fork make?

Lava Lamp Bottle

Create a mesmerizing work of art.

Kids games

Marco Polo

Play tag in the swimming pool, but no peeking!


Tag, you’re it. Now wiggle those arms!

Kids Jokes

Riddles (page 2)

Riddle me this, riddle me that.


Riddle me this, riddle me that.

Kids trivia and odd facts

Facts About Valentine’s Day

Love is in the air.

Facts About Weather and Nature

Strange things are happening out there.

Kids Arts and Crafts Project Ideas

Independence Day Placemats

These would be great for a picnic before the fireworks!

Advent Calendar Tree

Advent Calendar Tree

Let the countdown begin!

Children's Magic Tricks

Four Robbers

How do the Jacks move magically to the top of the deck?

Disappearing Matchsticks

You can make matches disappear from their box!

Fun and Easy Kids Recipes

Banana Rocket

Blast off with this banana treat.

Cheesy Potato Cakes

Tired of the same old french fries?