2015 Back to School Sales Tax Holidays

back to school sales tax holidays

Summer is here, and back to school sales are back. In order to lighten the impact on our finances, many states offer tax-free holidays on school supplies, clothing, and sometimes more. We have created a list of participating states, and their sales tax holiday information. Check your state, and start saving! —————- Alabama Note: Not […]

Kid-friendly pranks to pull on April Fool’s Day

April Fool’s Day is one of our kids’ favorite days. They have carte blanche to play tricks on mom and dad — pranks that would normally not be allowed on any of the other 364 days of the year. A good prank is one that doesn’t hurt anyone physically or emotionally. It should be harmless […]

Whoah, that’s deep!


Every little boy has sat in his sandbox and dreamed about digging to the center of Earth, but just how far would he have to dig? Let’s just say he may need a bigger shovel. Check out this fun graphic that illustrates just how far down some of the deepest holes in the Earth reach. For more information, […]

Fill 100 water balloons in one minute? Take my money!


Have you seen this amazing Kickstarter project yet? The creator has devised an ingenious device that allows you to fill 100 water balloons in one minute. That ought to keep the neighbor kids at bay for a while! The project has already raised way more than the $10,000 it needed, but there’s still time to contribute and […]

Bluum Subscription Box Review

bluum subscription box review

Before we promote anything on this site, we try to take the product for a test drive whenever possible. We recently signed on as an affiliate for the monthly subscription gift box service Bluum, and were excited to get our hands on a box to review. A bright, cheerful red box arrived in the mail […]

NPR maps out accessible playgrounds across the country

I just heard about “Playgrounds for Everyone,” a new tool that parents can use to find accessible playgrounds in their area, and thought it was worth sharing. The app currently lists over 1,300 accessible playgrounds, with features such as smooth surfaces, swings with backs or safety harnesses, ramps to allow children to access play towers and […]

Diorama building techniques for kids

model train scenery

Last weekend, we visited the Greenberg Train Show as it rolled through town, and I was particularly interested in learning some tips and tricks that the model train enthusiasts use for building their train layouts. We have some diorama projects lined up for cub scouts this year, and I can’t wait to show the scouts […]

A visit to the Lego Brickfair


The Lego Brick Fair makes a stop in our town every year, and it is always a big event. This past weekend’s show was no exception, as we had to stand in a line that wrapped around the building, but it was well worth it. The kids are amazed to see the enormous constructions, and […]

Pick me! Pick me!

I’ve been taking my 5-year-old to swim lessons for the past couple of weeks. At the end of each lesson, the teenage instructor plays a few rounds of Sharks and Minnnows with the class. The kids love it and splash around, frantically trying to escape the “shark.” Here’s my problem–the instructor picks from the same […]

Who’s up for a picnic?

water snake

Last night, we loaded the kids in the car and headed out for some takeout. While sitting in the drive-thru at Chick-Fil-A, the kids were complaining about not being able to eat in the restaurant–meaning, they wouldn’t be able to climb around in the play zone. We assured them that we had something better in […]