Soap Carving

Soap carving

What You Need:

  • Bar of Soap
  • Clay carving tools or paring knife
  • Paint (optional)
  • Paintbrush (optional)


  1. Find a bar of soap. Any kind will work, but a large rectangular shape may be easiest to use.
  2. Use clay carving tools or a paring knife and carve your soap into an animal sculpture, flower, car, or anything you want. Be careful using the knife. 
  3. Once you are finished carving, you can paint your sculpture. If you don’t paint it, you can use the soap in the bathroom as decoration or to wash your hands.
  4. It will not paint as smoothly as a piece of paper, but if you give it time to dry, and paint a second coat if needed, it will look great!


If you save the soap shavings from the part that was cut off, they can still be used. Place the shavings in a plastic sandwich bag and add a little water. Once the shavings are softened from the water, you can squeeze them together to form a new bar of soap!