Scuba Diver in a Bottle

What You Need:

  • Empty plastic water bottle with lid
  • Test tube (this is the scuba diver)
  • Water


Make your scuba diver swim to the bottom of the bottle at your command.

  1. Fill the bottle with water to the top.
  2. Fill the test tube with water less than half way.
  3. Next, in a fast but careful motion, take the test tube and flip it over into the bottle. It will bob its end out of the bottle but that’s normal.
  4. Then, put the lid on the bottle.

Now you are ready to try it out.

The secret to making the scuba diver bounce up and down is to squeeze the bottle. When you squeeze the bottle, the “diver” goes down. When you let go, it goes back up.

You can show you friends this trick and challenge them to make the diver follow their commands. Only you know the secret!

Submitted by Marissa