Giant’s Treasure

What You Need:

  • 4 or more players
  • Treasure
  • Large playing area


  1. One player is picked to be the “giant”. He or she stands at one end of the room, and everyone else stands at the other side.
  2. A piece of “treasure” is placed under the giant’s legs (it can be any object you choose).
  3. The giant must stand with his back to the other players.
  4. The object is for the players to take the treasure from the giant. However, when the giant turns around everyone must freeze in place.
  5. If a player is caught moving once the giant turns around, they are out.
  6. You can decide ahead of time if being out means the player has to go back to the starting line, or is out until the next round.
  7. Eventually someone gets the treasure and runs to the other side to start the game again, this time with a new giant.

Submitted by GG