Bunny Baskets

What You Need:

  • Pint milk or juice carton
  • Cotton balls
  • Pink yarn
  • Something to make eyes and nose (buttons, gumdrops or other candy ,or whatever you like)


  1. Rinse the empty carton and let dry.
  2. Close the top of the empty carton. Position the carton on its side with the top closed edge vertical.
  3. Then on the side that is facing up, cut along the two long edges and the bottom edge.
  4. Hold flap up slightly and cut it to form two rabbit ears pointing away from the pointed end of carton.
  5. Cover the entire outer part of the carton with cotton balls including the ears.
  6. Use a small piece of yarn to make outline of pink for the inner ear.
  7. Use buttons or whatever you chose to make eyes and nose on the pointed end of the carton.
  8. Place extra cotton balls for tail.
  9. Now you can fill your carton with grass and candy.

Submitted by Sarah