A visit to the Lego Brickfair

The Lego Brick Fair makes a stop in our town every year, and it is always a big event. This past weekend’s show was no exception, as we had to stand in a line that wrapped around the building, but it was well worth it.

lego brick fair

The kids are amazed to see the enormous constructions, and the adults are just as amazed at the creativity and passion that goes into the displays–it really is impressive to see!

One of the favorite aspects of the show is the Great Ball Contraption, which shuttles small Lego soccer balls through hundreds of feet of “machinery” in a constant loop. It takes a ball 45 minutes to make it through an entire cycle, and we made sure to see the whole thing in action.


Our little guys are always thrilled to see the trains. What is it about trains and kids?!


These sweets look good enough to eat!


I thought this fish tank was extremely clever — and it would be a whole lot easier to maintain than a real aquarium!

If you ever have the chance to visit a Brick Fair or similar Lego event in your area, I can’t recommend it enough. Go!